Meeting the demand for expert deployment of BIM technology and more efficient project documentation control throughout the construction industry, Costin Roe Consulting now offers a professional BIM Coordination Service for the documentation of projects from design to completion and beyond.

“Costin Roe Consulting is traditionally at the forefront of engineering technology. We were among the first engineering firms in Australia to make the transition from CAD to the more sophisticated BIM environment. Since then our leadership in BIM has become well-established in the construction industry,” said Grant Roe, managing director of Costin Roe Consulting. “To extend the availability of this expertise more broadly, the establishment of a functional BIM coordination service was a logical step for the firm.”

What does BIM coordination mean?

Accent Apartments - Structural Analysis

Accent Apartments – Structural Analysis (BIM by Costin Roe Consulting)

BIM coordination by Costin Roe Consulting ensures that project documentation will be properly managed from start to finish. The service can be customised to suit individual project requirements. The stages and activities outlined below provide a typical example of BIM coordination workflow:

  • BIM Project Brief: Prior to commencement of the documentation process, a BIM Project Brief meeting will take place between disciplines/consultants and builders/clients. The meeting is to establish the scheduling, naming conventions, model co-ordinates, file transfer methods, BIM version to be used, and to identify which work-sets we can utilise during project documentation. A clear project brief ensures coordination runs smoothly by confirming that each discipline knows what their role and responsibility on the project is, and how best to achieve satisfaction for the client.
  • Client Needs: Client involvement at the BIM Project Brief meeting will allow determination of the level and extent of documentation required for the project to ensure that client needs are satisfied. This can include:
    • Clash Detection: This can be done through Navisworks to check various disciplines to ensure there are no issues once construction on-site begins. It also opens the dialogue between consultants to ensure client gets a fully integrated and co-ordinated model.
    • Scheduling: Creating smart schedules for quantities to help both client and stakeholder requests (eg: steel orders, concrete batch orders).
    • Accent Apartments - Structural Architectural Model

      Accent Apartments – Structural Architectural Model (BIM by Costin Roe Consulting)

      Development: Helping to shape the client’s BIM needs for the future by frequent discussions and ongoing support on any BIM project, so that future projects can run smoothly by utilising the BIM environment.
    • 4D: Moving toward ensuring the progression into the 4D BIM environment which allows us to move into Project Phasing and animation simulations to establish construction sequencing.
    • Milestones: Working closely with the builder’s design management team, the Costin Roe BIM department can ensure that nominated milestones are met, and thereby ensure builder/client requirements are being achieved.

The enduring benefits of BIM coordination

The proper BIM coordination of project documentation enables future use of project documentation data. Clients inherit the asset of the BIM database for their completed building. This database can be used for more efficient client facility management, and as a ‘live’ reference for any future expansion or modification of the facility as clients’ requirements arise.

Carnes Hill development (BIM by Costin Roe Consulting)

Carnes Hill development (BIM by Costin Roe Consulting)

BIM coordination by Costin Roe Consulting ensures harmonisation and proper coordination on the project, helping to grow relationships between all consultants working on the project, and maintaining best practice in the way BIM is being used.

“Members of Costin Roe’s BIM department have been taking part in Consult Australia’s discussions towards implementing a BIM mandate in Australia. We are involved with the Digital Built Environment Task Group to ensure the industry’s BIM needs are identified and met. As a by-product of this worthwhile industry role, we can also be certain that Costin Roe’s future trends are absolutely aligned with the evolving face of BIM,” Grant Roe said.

Costin Roe anticipates a bright future for BIM, both with project documentation excellence and industry growth. As the industry grows, the BIM environment will evolve, reflecting an increased demand for project documentation using BIM software. This anticipated demand from both the public and private sectors will require increased input from all parties. This is where Costin Roe’s expertise in BIM, now available as a functional BIM Coordination service, will strongly contribute.

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