Costin Roe Consulting announces new associate directors

Costin Roe Consulting announced the appointment of Xavier Cure, Civil Senior Design Engineer, as Associate Director. Xavier joins another recently-appointed Associate Director, Dermot Nolan, as a role-model and example for junior engineers who join the firm with the intention of refining their skills, gaining experience, and progressing toward positions of leadership within the firm and the field.

Xavier Cure and Dermot Nolan - Costin Roe Consulting

Xavier Cure [left] and Dermot Nolan, newest Associate Directors of Costin Roe Consulting.

Xavier Cure has been working with Costin Roe Consulting for eight years. Xavier has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Specialising in civil engineering, Xavier has excelled as an engineer and representative of the firm in recent major commercial, industrial, and residential projects involving subdivisions, earthworks, roads, drainage, and WSUD (water-sensitive urban design) using Civil 3D, 12D, MUSIC, and HEC-RAS.

The director-in-charge of civil engineering at Costin Roe Consulting, Mark Wilson, B Eng (Civil) B Surv ME CPEng, said of Xavier’s achievements, “Xavier is always on-task with a project from beginning to end – no question. He is a role model to our junior civil engineers and respected by his peers in the office. Personally, I would have to say that it is a pleasure to work with Xavier. Over the years, the firm’s management team has enjoyed watching Xavier steadily develop from a promising graduate to the accomplished senior engineer he has now become.”

Both Mark Wilson, Director, and CRC’s Managing Director, Grant Roe, originally joined the firm as junior engineers and rose through the ranks to their eventual positions as senior executive decision-makers. It is this longstanding culture of mentorship, professional development, and internal career advancement at Costin Roe Consulting that attracts the brightest engineering graduates and post-graduate students to join the firm, enjoy the dynamic environment and team spirit, and take full advantage of the professional opportunities available.

Dermot Nolan, who holds a Bachelor degree in Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering from Trinity College, Dublin, became an Associate Director of Costin Roe Consulting in August 2017. “Dermot has demonstrated outstanding technical and skills in structural engineering and remediation projects in his eight years with our firm,” said Grant Roe, BE(Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng NER. “Dermot is acknowledged by colleagues and clients for his practical approach to engineering solutions and personable, communicative manner in working relationships. It augers well for the future of the firm to see talented engineers like Xavier and Dermot in well-deserved leadership ascendency.”




Grant Roe welcomes Mark Wilson

Wayne E Costin, the founder of Costin Roe Consulting, has announced plans to step down from executive duties. Mark Wilson, formerly an associate director of Costin Roe Consulting, is now a director, and Grant Roe is the new managing director.

Wayne Costin

Wayne E Costin, BE(Civil) FIEAust MConsE Aust CPEng NER, the founder and outgoing managing director of Costin Roe Consulting.

A Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia, and Life Member of the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (now Consult Australia), Wayne Costin has become renowned and respected as a significant contributor to the profession of engineering in Australia since founding Costin Structural in 1989.

Promoting the ethos of ‘value in engineering and project management’, Wayne built a successful and highly reputable firm based upon sound ethical principles and excellence in engineering practice, and by taking a commercially-minded approach to projects with the client’s specific needs and objectives in mind.

Culture of mentorship established by Wayne Costin

Mark WIlson

The incoming director of Costin Roe Consulting, Mark Wilson, BEng(Civil) BSurv ME CPEng, started with the firm as a promising young engineer.

In 1999 the firm was rebranded Costin Roe Consulting when Grant Roe became a co-director. Grant joined Wayne’s firm in 1990 and continued his professional development under Wayne’s mentorship.

The culture of mentorship and creation of internal opportunities for career advancement continues today at Costin Roe Consulting. Professional guidance and supervision is provided to graduate engineers by Phil Terrey, the associate director who is also a PhD candidate, research fellow, and tutor at UNSW.

The value of Costin Roe Consulting’s investment in its own people is further evidenced by the ascendance of Mark Wilson to the board of directors after originally joining the firm – like Grant Roe – as a promising young engineer.

Mark achieved his Master of Engineering degree and Chartered Professional Engineer registration while progressing through the firm’s ranks to become Associate Director (Civil Engineering), and now Director.

Mark Wilson, Director, Costin Roe Consulting.

Mark Wilson, Director, Costin Roe Consulting, has worked on several overseas assignments.

Mark Wilson: civil engineer with structural engineering background

Mark spent his earlier years at Costin Roe Consulting working mainly in structural engineering before starting to specialise more in civil engineering. Mark undertook several assignments overseas as part of his professional development.

An holistic engineer in practice, Mark’s additional expertise in the geotechnical aspects of civil engineering, 3D civil modelling and 2D hydrodynamic modelling, along with other advanced disciplines, contributes to the firm’s reputation as leaders in civil engineering as much as structural engineering.

Mark heads the Newcastle offices of Costin Roe Consulting and also consults and reports on some of the firm’s major projects and assignments in greater Sydney.

Wayne Costin: transition to senior consulting and expert reporting role

Paralympian Angie Ballard with Wayne Costin (centre) and David Piper (Wheelchair Sports NSW)

Wayne Costin [centre] with Paralympic athlete Angie Ballard [front], Jim O’Brien, CEO of Wheelchair Sports (NSW) [left], and David Piper OAM , Chairperson of Wheelchair Sports NSW [right] at the Costin Roe Consulting Charity Golf Day in December 2015.

Following the extended transition period to ensure absolute smoothness and continuity for clients and works-in-progress, Wayne Costin will remain with Costin Roe Consulting as a senior consultant specialising in forensic engineering and expert reporting, and also assisting the firm with its knowledge management.

“I’ve always had a strong interest in the forensic side of engineering. Stepping back from day-to-day management and project-related responsibilities will allow more time for undertaking forensic investigations and expert reporting. The firm’s profile in forensic work has grown considerably over the years,” said Wayne.

“I will maintain my active support for the professional bodies I’ve been involved with throughout my career, including the Strata Community Association (NSW), and charities such as Wheelchair Sports (NSW). Eventually, I might even find time to serve on the board of a non-profit organisation,” Wayne said.

Grant Roe, BE (Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng NPER, director, Costin Roe Consulting

Grant Roe, BE (Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng, NER Managing Director, Costin Roe Consulting.

Grant Roe: continuing leadership in civil and structural engineering

While the people at Costin Roe Consulting carry forward a decades-long tradition of excellence and integrity in civil and structural engineering, remediation, assessment, modelling, and forensic reporting, the firm’s innovative and practical approach to the challenges of contemporary engineering in the construction industry assures its continued growth in size and standing.

“Mark Wilson is highly valued by our clients for his approachability, responsiveness, and willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to deliver excellence in engineering and reporting,” said Grant Roe. “Overall though, our firm is empowered by a great wealth of talent among our department heads, project managers, engineers, technical support personnel, and administrators.”

“Going forward, Mark and I are like-minded individuals and will make an extremely strong, hands-on leadership team,” Grant said.

“We can be proud of the rigorous professional and technical standards engendered by all of the people working for Costin Roe Consulting at our offices around Australia – with credit to Wayne Costin as our founder.”

Grant Roe welcomes Mark Wilson to the board of Costin Roe Consulting

Grant Roe (left) welcomes Mark Wilson (centre) to the board of Costin Roe Consulting following the announcement of forthcoming retirement by the firm’s founder, Wayne Costin (right).


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Mark Wilson

The progressive culture within Costin Roe Consulting helps to encourage professional development and career-path development, with a long tradition of promotions to directorship level from within senior ranks.

Mark Wilson becomes Associate Director

Internal promotion was recently bestowed upon Mark Wilson, manager of Costin Roe’s Newcastle office, and now also the firm’s Associate Director, Civil Engineering. Mark is a fully chartered engineer, and recently completed a Masters degree in Engineering to complement undergraduate degrees in Engineering (Civil) and Surveying.

Mark has more than 11 years of experience as an engineer and more than three years of experience as a surveyor. He has also gained broad experience working on major commercial, industrial, and community development projects overseas.

“What I like most about my role at Costin Roe is the opportunity to build relationships with clients,” Mark recently said. “The project is always at the centre of the relationship. I also like the holistic approach required in civil engineering projects, where solutions demand the integration of numerous engineering aspects, from the technical to the practical.”

Exceptionally responsive to client needs

“Mark is exceptionally responsive to the needs of our clients,” said Grant Roe, director of Costin Roe Consulting. “Mark is easy to work with, and his commitment to the success of each individual project is most apparent whenever urgent problems are needing to be addressed. Mark engenders the Costin Roe ethos of accountability, and with the completion of his Masters degree in Engineering, he was clearly ready to accept the greater responsibility of a higher executive position within Costin Roe as a national engineering consultancy.”

With Costin Roe’s growing participation in construction and development projects throughout the greater Newcastle area, Mark will continue combining the management of Costin Roe’s Newcastle office with his more senior executive role in the firm.

“I enjoy working on-site for our clients, and being able to consult with my engineering colleagues in the Sydney offices of Costin Roe. I’m also enjoying the lifestyle I’ve been able to establish around my professional base in Newcastle, a great city with tremendous future development potential. My work as an engineer is immensely challenging, and outside work, surfing is still my favourite form of sporting recreation,” Mark said.


Mark Wilson, new Associate Director, Civil Engineering, Costin Roe Consulting