Costin Roe was founded
on the ethos of creating
real value in engineering
and project management.

Wayne E. Costin, BE(Civil) FIE Aust MConsE Aust CPEng
NER, founder of Costin Roe Consulting

Costin Roe Consulting

Precision, communication,
accountability. Not just what
we believe in. What we
deliver. Absolutely.

Grant Roe, BE (Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng
NER, Managing Director, Costin Roe Consulting

Costin Roe Consulting

An holistic approach to
engineering solutions
integrating all aspects of
the technical and practical.

Mark Wilson, B Eng (Civil) B Surv ME CPEng,
Director, Costin Roe Consulting

Costin Roe Consulting

Efficient designs, delivered
on time - that's the approach
to being a truly commercial
professional engineer.

Phil Terrey, BE (Hons) MEngSc MIEAust,
Associate Director, Costin Roe Consulting

Costin Roe Consulting

Problems must be solved
definitively and decisively,
before they develop a
life of their own.

Grant Roe, BE (Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng
NER, Managing Director, Costin Roe Consulting


Meeting the demand for expert deployment of BIM technology and more efficient project documentation control throughout the construction industry, Costin Roe Consulting offers a BIM management and coordination service for the documentation of projects from design to completion and beyond.

Veolia Woodlawn MBT facility - aerial view Feb 2016


Costin Roe Consulting engineers Sydney are proud of involvement in the Veolia Woodlawn project at Tarago NSW, between Canberra and Goulburn – the multi-award winning (excellence in structural engineering, site safety) mechanical and biological treatment (“MBT”) facility which processes Sydney’s waste.

Consulting Engineers Sydney offices


Costin Roe Consulting provides professional civil and structural engineering services for industrial, commercial, residential, community and infrastructure developments; remediation projects; forensic reporting; and other requirements including temporary structures and certifications.


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