Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Costin Roe Consulting sets the benchmark in engineering project technology with BIM and immersive virtual reality (IVR). Click image to explore a live BIM panorama.

BIM management

For many years Costin Roe Consulting has maintained leadership in BIM technology implementation and utilisation, routinely managing all new engineering projects within a state-of-the-art BIM environment.

The firm employs a number of BIM technology experts in-house, and all Costin Roe Consulting engineers are proficient in BIM.

Advantages of Costin Roe Consulting BIM for the firm’s clients and project partners

Traditional building design and engineering processes are paper-based. Any significant change could call for the redrafting of plans, sections, elevations, etc, and the manual recalculation of project costs and timelines. In practice this is excessively time-consuming and open to error.

Today when a building is designed and engineered within the BIM environment, each and every design attribute and specification is stored as BIM data. Project partners can collaborate in real-time over the web. Communication is more effective. Changes to any parameter are immediately integrated throughout the system, with adjustment of time/cost where applicable. Clients and other stakeholders are more easily given up-to-date information, and projections are more meaningful.

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Example of Costin Roe Consulting BIM/VR

Click this image to experience an example of Costin Roe Consulting VR visualisation (mid-construction) rendered from BIM data prior to commencement of the construction.

Costin Roe Consulting BIM and virtual reality (VR)

Another key advantage of Costin Roe Consulting BIM is the availability of 3D virtual-reality renders of the proposed building project – at various stages of construction, or as it will appear when completed – in advance of construction commencement.

Explore an example of Costin Roe Consulting’s pre-construction virtual reality visualisations by clicking the image on this page.

The experience of virtual reality is further enhanced by the Costin Roe Consulting Cardboard IVR viewer, as provided by the firm to clients and collaborators during the course of a project.

IVR stands for “immersive virtual reality”. When a mobile phone is inserted into the Costin Roe Consulting Cardboard IVR viewer, and the IVR viewer is positioned over the eyes like a pair of glasses, the Costin Roe Consulting VR simulations will become visually immersive, and also responsive to the person’s head movements.

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Costin Roe Consulting BIM and building life-cycle management

The benefits of Costin Roe Consulting BIM extend beyond the design and construction phase of a building project. Throughout the building’s lifetime, the data retained in BIM can greatly assist with building maintenance scheduling and maintenance budget forecasting, for example. The BIM file can be updated with any extensions, additions, amendments, or repairs made to the building over time. The essential information for effective building life-cycle management can remain accurate, and fully detailed.

Introducing the Costin Roe Consulting ‘View 360’ immersive IVR viewer for clients and project partners

Costin Roe Consulting provides clients and project partners with immersive virtual reality to enhance the experience of BIM building design panoramas. Using your own smartphone, you can change your view of the project hands-free as the 3D images respond the movements of your head for a near-real effect.

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Costin Roe Consulting IVR viewer