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Philosophy and approach

Our people dedicate themselves to satisfying client objectives, so our first step in approaching a new project is to crystalise our understanding of the client’s unique purpose and vision – the context for the content of design and structural detailing. Leaders in engineering, we also work well on a round table with the design team.

Technical excellence is achieved through highly trained and experienced professional staff. The best people are attracted to working at CostinRoe because of the ethical, accountable culture the firm engenders. Continuing professional development is a key factor in ensuring that clients are provided with the latest available information and construction methods. So is the steady adoption of new technology into how the firm works day-by-day, maintaining best practice in IT services. Communication between engineering and design teams is enhanced by the use of CostinRoeNet (the Costin Roe Consulting intranet), the internet, and email. Document and information transfer between associates, clients and all relevant stakeholders is made fast, reliable, and manageable.

We provide highly personalised, focused service by ensuring a single point of contact throughout the commission. Clients are assured that all project requirements are met with accuracy and precision, and communication flow is enhanced and maintained.

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