Engine Room

Phil Terrey with apprentice

Engine Room

“The people at Costin Roe Consulting are among the very best in their fields without exception. The firm’s growth over the years has been astonishing, and much of this growth would be attributable to the culture and practice of adding value for our clients in every single thing we do as consulting engineers.”

At the Sydney head office of Costin Roe Consulting, the large open-plan workspace where engineers and drafting professionals can freely communicate and collaborate is called “the Engine Room”.

It is here where the practical and efficient day-to-day engineering solutions are formulated and implemented with exacting precision and absolute commitment to the achievement of client objectives. The atmosphere is typically buzzing with the intensity of problem-solving by teamwork and individual pursuit of perfection as the minimum standard.

Meeting rooms of various sizes cater for the round-table exchange of ideas and information between colleagues, and engagement between internal project managers and external stakeholders.

With a team of the finest people at all levels of the organisation, and engenderment of a corporate culture that delivers the highest standards of quality in engineering, relationships and client services, work processes are continuously refined by the implementation of best-practice methodologies including Agile and BIM.

Costin Roe Consulting engineroom