Context of risk in structural engineering
Throughout the global engineering profession, there is an ongoing academic discussion about the need to contextualise risk for society in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Structural engineers, as experts in risk associated with the built environment, are more often relied upon to explain the contemporary concept of risk to clients, partners, and associates. Grant [...]
Dux Hot Water, Moss Vale NSW

Some owners and occupants of new high-bay warehouses are concerned to find the pristine appearance of floor surfaces becoming blemished by black marks that resist cleaning. Grant Roe, BE(Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng NER, explains why this common problem is often misunderstood and prescribes the appropriate solution. There can be technical misunderstandings behind trade-level advice as to […]

ACSE awards received by Grant Roe and Mark Wilson

For civil and structural engineering firm Costin Roe Consulting, winning the 2016 ACSE NSW structural engineering excellence award in the category ‘Unusual Projects’ for work on the Veolia MBT facility at Woodlawn, near Goulburn, brings wider attention to the firm’s role in completing one of the world’s most remarkable eco-projects. A ‘good news’ story for […]

Accent Apartments - Structural Analysis

Meeting the demand for expert deployment of BIM technology and more efficient project documentation control throughout the construction industry, Costin Roe Consulting now offers a professional BIM Coordination Service for the documentation of projects from design to completion and beyond. “Costin Roe Consulting is traditionally at the forefront of engineering technology. We were among the first engineering firms […]

Industrial pavement

Conventional pavement construction relies on movement joints which can cause costly maintenance issues when used in heavy-duty industrial environments. Grant Roe discusses innovation in pavement construction and where seamless pavement is a good solution. The joints in traditional ground-supported concrete flooring and pavements are designed to control cracking by allowing for movement. Horizontal movement is caused by concrete shrinkage […]

BIM virtual reality

Using advanced BIM technology for all new development projects, Costin Roe Consulting can give clients and partners a look into the future of projects through ‘virtual reality’ simulations. Viewers can explore and experience constructions before they are built, simply by clicking a link. Take a test drive below. Costin Roe Consulting has been using BIM technology […]

Kuehne Nagel Logistics Veghel Hoogbouw

The growing demand for high bay warehousing in Australia has brought to light the importance of partnering with engineers who have the knowledge and experience to meet the precise needs of sophisticated warehouse automation. Grant Roe, director of Costin Roe Consulting, civil and structural engineers for some of Australia’s largest and most successful automated high […]

Industrial flooring impregnation

The intensive promotion of industrial flooring impregnation products could give the impression that all high-specification industrial flooring would benefit from an impregnation treatment, according to Grant Roe, BE(Hons) MEngSc MBA MIEAust CPEng, NER director of Costin Roe Consulting. Impregnation treatments often unnecessary “As the consulting engineers for many of Australia’s largest warehousing facilities, including those […]

Links Seaside, Wollongong

Costin Roe Consulting successfully undertook the engineering and project management of this integrated retirement lifestyle and care centre complex on near-beachfront land near the CBD of Wollongong. Prior to Costin Roe’s engagement, the project suffered lengthy delays due to feasibility issues with the construction methods previously proposed to overcome major challenges presented by the site’s […]