Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design - Highly Commended

At the Stormwater NSW Awards 2019 event held in February 2020, Costin Roe Consulting was Highly Commended for Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design for the remediation and upgrade of a public water asset to facilitate an industrial infill development on a formerly contaminated site in western Sydney. It’s the second time in recent years that […]

Tree roots Opera Australia building

When the roots of street trees were suspected of causing damage to a building at Alexandria occupied by Opera Australia, the City of Sydney commissioned Costin Roe Consulting to investigate and report. Like most suburbs of inner Sydney, Alexandria showcases streets lined with trees of considerable size and age. The narrowness of inner-Sydney streets will often mean that trees, […]

Structural crack

All cracks in structures, foundations, and retaining walls should be investigated by a structural engineer. Cracks allow the penetration of moisture and could indicate or lead to serious structural issues. Some cracks appear to be worrisome, yet are nothing to worry about, and can be fixed with a simple cosmetic repair. Other cracks might not […]