Grant Roe

Grant Roe


Managing Director

“Precision, communication, accountability. It’s not just what we believe in. It’s what we deliver. Absolutely.”


“I’m an engineer first and foremost, taking an active interest in every project from a technical perspective. But it’s my responsiveness and accessibility to clients that really makes a difference in their experience of our firm. I’m never too busy to resolve a critical situation, or smooth things interpersonally for the client where contractors and other stakeholders are concerned. I tell clients: ‘I’ve got your back in this,’ and mean what I say.”

Grant Roe 1989Grant Roe has a Masters degree in Engineering and Masters degree in Business Administration. Grant joined Costin Structural in 1990, becoming an Associate in 1995, Partner in 1999, Director of the renamed Costin Roe Consulting in 2001, and Managing Director in 2016.

“I could have taken my career in any number of directions after gaining my first degree. Starting as a junior structural engineer with Wayne Costin, when Wayne had only just started his practice, became an extremely fortunate move for me. Wayne was a generous mentor in my maturation as an engineer, and with his approach to technical innovation, way ahead of many structural engineers of the time. As the firm started to grow, Wayne’s ethos of client-focused, value-added engineering services became the corporate culture.”

Grant Roe cycling

“Albert Einstein thought of his theory of relativity while riding his bicycle but the idea couldn’t have occurred to him during an endurance ride through the Haute Pyrénées in south-western France, this I know. I had nothing on my mind but pushing through pain and doing my personal best. I’d never get to wear the yellow jersey at this stage, not unless I bought one, but I’m still racing competitively in Australia and overseas.”