Mark Wilson

The progressive culture within Costin Roe Consulting helps to encourage professional development and career-path development, with a long tradition of promotions to directorship level from within senior ranks.

Mark Wilson becomes Associate Director

Internal promotion was recently bestowed upon Mark Wilson, manager of Costin Roe’s Newcastle office, and now also the firm’s Associate Director, Civil Engineering. Mark is a fully chartered engineer, and recently completed a Masters degree in Engineering to complement undergraduate degrees in Engineering (Civil) and Surveying.

Mark has more than 11 years of experience as an engineer and more than three years of experience as a surveyor. He has also gained broad experience working on major commercial, industrial, and community development projects overseas.

“What I like most about my role at Costin Roe is the opportunity to build relationships with clients,” Mark recently said. “The project is always at the centre of the relationship. I also like the holistic approach required in civil engineering projects, where solutions demand the integration of numerous engineering aspects, from the technical to the practical.”

Exceptionally responsive to client needs

“Mark is exceptionally responsive to the needs of our clients,” said Grant Roe, director of Costin Roe Consulting. “Mark is easy to work with, and his commitment to the success of each individual project is most apparent whenever urgent problems are needing to be addressed. Mark engenders the Costin Roe ethos of accountability, and with the completion of his Masters degree in Engineering, he was clearly ready to accept the greater responsibility of a higher executive position within Costin Roe as a national engineering consultancy.”

With Costin Roe’s growing participation in construction and development projects throughout the greater Newcastle area, Mark will continue combining the management of Costin Roe’s Newcastle office with his more senior executive role in the firm.

“I enjoy working on-site for our clients, and being able to consult with my engineering colleagues in the Sydney offices of Costin Roe. I’m also enjoying the lifestyle I’ve been able to establish around my professional base in Newcastle, a great city with tremendous future development potential. My work as an engineer is immensely challenging, and outside work, surfing is still my favourite form of sporting recreation,” Mark said.


Mark Wilson, new Associate Director, Civil Engineering, Costin Roe Consulting