Providing knowledge to strengthen the governance needed for managing the risk of disaster in the MENA region, a Costin Roe Consulting engineer is the lead author of a research paper titled “Mitigating infrastructure disaster losses through asset management practices in the Middle East and North Africa region” which was published in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. Elyssa Mastroianni, design engineer with CRC, has also received an Australian Steel Institute Prize since joining the firm.

Disasters in the MENA region.

The research by Elyssa Mastroianni and co-authors sought to examine how infrastructure asset management can reduce the impact of disasters in the MENA region. [Image credit: World Bank}

Costin Roe Consulting has always welcomed outstanding undergraduate and post-graduate students into the firm’s ranks where there is support for research and professional development is encouraged. Mentorship by senior engineers and knowledge-sharing enhances organisational intelligence and fosters the innovative approach to problem-solving, based on rigorous theoretical principles and practical experiences, which is one of the firm’s hallmarks.

“It is rewarding to see the academic achievements of Elyssa Mastroianni as a young engineer representing our firm,” said Grant Roe, managing director of Costin Roe Consulting. “Elyssa has been congratulated on her research contributing to world expert knowledge in this field.”

The research led by Elyssa Mastroianni sought to examine how infrastructure asset management can reduce the impact of disasters in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where the maintenance of constructed infrastructure is not keeping pace with expanding infrastructure investments. Where there is a growing need to focus on the long-term operational demands of new assets to reduce vulnerability, natural hazards and civil conflicts continue to undermine development and disaster risk management. Outlining the barriers and challenges that hinder successful asset management policy implementation, recommendations for disaster mitigation strategies using infrastructure asset management are proposed. According to the abstract, interviews were conducted with asset management and disaster risk reduction experts in the MENA region. Australian experts were interviewed to identify transferable asset management best practices.

Four key findings were made. Read the entire abstract or access the full research paper here.

Elyssa Mastroianni, Costin Roe Consulting Engineer

Elyssa Mastroianni, Design Engineer, Costin Roe Consulting.