Tanaz Dhondy, Costin Roe Consulting design engineer, is speaking on the topic of resilient infrastructure for climate change at the World Engineers Convention in Melbourne, 22-24 November 2019. A PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong, Tanaz will be presenting a research paper titled: ‘Use of sea sand seawater concrete for efficient and sustainable building practices’.

World Engineers Convention 2019

The World Engineers Convention (WEC2019), held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, is themed ‘Engineering a Sustainable World: The next 100 years’.

“Learn from global engineering experts, forge connections with industry leaders and explore the distinctive and sustaining mindset of our profession; the notion that ‘anything is possible’.” – WEC2019

Tanaz Dhondy speaks at the IACRR Workshop 2018.

Tanaz Dhondy speaking at the IACRR Workshop in 2018.

“It’s an honour to be orally presenting a paper at the World Engineers Convention and I feel proud to represent both the University of Wollongong and Costin Roe Consulting at this prestigious event,” said Tanaz in accepting the invitation to speak within the ‘Innovation‘ stream at WEC2019.

The paper by Tanaz Dondy, Alex Remennikov, and Neaz Sheikh is titled ‘Use of sea sand seawater concrete for efficient and sustainable building practices’ and subtitled ‘Resilient infrastructure for climate change’. More detail on the abstract and content of the paper will be available to the public after WEC2019.