Using advanced BIM technology for all new development projects, Costin Roe Consulting can give clients and partners a look into the future of projects through ‘virtual reality’ simulations. Viewers can explore and experience constructions before they are built, simply by clicking a link. Take a test drive below.

Costin Roe Consulting has been using BIM technology for decades. More recent advancements in BIM have allowed the real-time generation of virtual reality simulations directly from engineering design data. Any changes to the BIM data, such as a specified revision of the design, are automatically reflected in the 3D simulation in real-time.

All aspects of the construction project – design, engineering, and collaboration with the client and other construction partners – are consolidated into one intelligent BIM model. All participants and stakeholders are referring to the same, most up-to-date project engineering specifications and 3D design renditions – greatly increasing the speed and efficiency of communication, and minimising the risk of errors caused by redundancy, misinterpretation, or misinformation.

Take a virtual reality tour with Costin Roe Consulting’s BIM

Here you can see some virtual reality examples of actual projects using Costin Roe Consulting’s BIM system just by clicking the images below. For best results, use the Google Chrome browser.

3D virtual reality BIM example 2

Example of Costin Roe Consulting’s BIM-generated virtual reality – CLICK IMAGE TO EXPLORE

Spacial concepts are notoriously difficult to convey in words and figures, and only a relatively small percentage of the population has the ‘visual’ imagination skills needed to ‘picture’ a scene with reasonable accuracy from a written or oral description. The traditional rendering of artist’s impressions is a very time-consuming process, and costly whenever minor changes in design or specifications would call for the rendered version to be updated as a separate exercise.

3D virtual reality BIM example 1

Another example of virtual reality by Costin Roe Consulting – CLICK IMAGE TO EXPLORE

The advantages of Costin Roe Consulting’s BIM-generated virtual reality simulations extend far beyond the major technical demands of the design and construction phase of a project.

The ability to ‘experience’ a building design off-the-plan can also assist with a plethora of detailed considerations such as the positioning of equipment including materials-handling automation, the planning of lighting, placement of signage, interior design of office fit-outs and reception areas, and even the promotion of properties to prospective buyers or tenants. With all information about the building and its components held perpetually in the BIM file, the budget forecasting and scheduling of future building maintenance requirements is made easier and much more reliable.

Your next project using BIM and immersive virtual reality with the Costin Roe Consulting ‘View 360’ IVR viewer

Would you like to know more about BIM and virtual reality? Give us a call – one of our Revit-trained engineers would be happy to show you some more virtual-reality examples and discuss how Costin Roe Consulting’s command of BIM could enhance your next industrial, commercial, or strata-residential development project.

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