There are many reasons why some of the best graduates and most experienced engineers choose to build their careers at Costin Roe Consulting. Enviable reputation, impeccable standards, significant projects, national presence, strong leadership, professional development, team spirit, opportunity for advancement, and room to grow. If you’re serious about your career in engineering and project management, step forward into your future with Costin Roe Consulting.

Current career opportunities


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How we work as engineers

“Starting as a junior structural engineer with Wayne Costin became an extremely fortunate move for me.”

Grant Roe, Managing Director


“I’ve stood for unity and integrity in the direction and application of engineering discipline throughout the firm.”

Wayne E Costin, Founder (retired)

Mark Wilson, Associate Director (Civil Engineering), Costin Roe Consulting

“What I like most about my role at Costin Roe is the opportunity to build relationships with clients.”

Mark Wilson, Director


“It’s exciting to see junior engineers rise through the firm, maturing into technically-sound, practical-minded engineers with significant accomplishments behind them.”

Phil Terrey, Associate Director

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