Mark Wilson


Mark Wilson

B Eng (Civil) B Surv ME CPEng

Director of Costin Roe Consulting

“An holistic approach to engineering solutions integrating all aspects of the technical and practical.”


“Travelling and working professionally in other countries helped shape who I am as an engineer. There’s nothing like it for honing the skills of invention and negotiation, particularly with major civil projects in nations that are nowhere near as well-organised and resourced as Australia. It challenged me on every level, and I certainly grew.”

Mark WIlsonMark Wilson has 15 years’ experience as a consulting engineer, and three as a surveyor. Known for being easy to work with, Mark is exceptionally responsive to client needs, especially when urgent project requirements need to be addressed. Mark became an Associate Director of Costin Roe Consulting in 2014, and Director 2016.

“What I like most about my role at Costin Roe Consulting is the opportunity to build relationships with clients. The project is always at the centre of the relationship. I also like the holistic approach required in civil engineering projects, where solutions demand the integration of numerous engineering aspects, from the technical to the practical.”

Mark WIlson surfing

“I enjoy surfing almost as much as I enjoy engineering. It’s about gravity, inertia and balance. The difference with surfing is that there’s no time to consider or calculate. You’re out there one-on-one with this awesome, unpredictable energy and you have to intuit your way through the whole encounter, moment by moment. In a sense, life is a metaphor for surfing.”

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